Digital Marketing Specialist

HQ is looking for a PPC manager focused on Facebook to join our team. In this role you will have a chance to learn with a group of people that scaled spend on Facebook accounts to over $1,000,000.

Please be able to:

A. Audit a Facebook account
B. Pick audiences that make sense for a campaign
C. Run a campaign
D. Split test creative

You can count on us to teach you:

Funnel Building
How to Retarget and Remarket with Facebook Ads
Advanced Facebook data breakdowns
Use data to inspire creative briefs / new creative angles

Normally we enjoy the process of finding talented people and training them so that they can fit a role. And while that is still a possibility for an exceptional candidate, what we are looking for here is someone who already knows the basics and can hit the ground running in order to set up Facebook accounts.

So you need to understand Funnel Building, Purchase Cycles, Analytics, Ad Copy, Messaging, Audience Creation and Optimization.

Here is what you can expect from the interview process:

Resume review
Handwritten cover letter request
Virtual interview
Skills test
Reference check

Schedule: 14:00h – 22:00h CEST

NOTE: This is a work from home job with occasional office visits.

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